I loved sitting on my bed, under the lamp, while my computer was in front of me.
Sometimes I turned the light off, and then felt that it’s too dark. So I stood and turned the tumblr lamps on. They gave me different colours: red, blue, and green. I loved when they gave me some calming rhythms, not some super quick rhythms like lights in a discotic. I loved spending my time in a quite place.
I took my computer again. I knew my fingers couldn’t wait to press some letters on the keyboard for creating some silly words.
I played Yiruma’s album on youtube while looking for different stories from different worlds in my brain. At the moment, everything reminded me of Spongebob.
You know..the scene when he was trying to find his name in his brain and couldn’t find it. I knew that it was one of the most terrible time in his life, cause he didn’t even remember his name. But luckily it didn’t happen to me. I could find all words that I wanted.
I used to be a silly girl who thought too much about silly things, like people’s intelligence, people’s bravery, people’s skills, or anything belonged to other people. “Intelligence? Bravery? Skills? Why don’t I have one?”
My fingers stopped typing for some minutes, my brain stopped working for ten seconds. It reminded me of Asa Butterfield in one of his movie, “Space between us”. He wanted to visit Earth, but he couldn’t do many things on Earth because he supposed to live on Mars.
I leaned my body against the cream-colored wall in my room. I couldn’t control my breath. Sometime it was too fast, sometimes it was just too slow.
On youtube, Yiruma was starting to play “River Flows in You” with his old piano. The music controlled my breath. It was calm and I couldn’t even hold myself not to close my eyes.
So I closed my eyes that were behind my cheap glasses. I took a deep breath and my fingers started dancing on the keyboard.
I took a deep breath again. And again. And again… until I felt something different in my brain.
I saw a very dazzling little light. It came closer and closer to me, until it looked like a giant light. Falling meteor also sounded and made everything worse.
But in a second.. everything was changed.
Guitar in my room played a beautiful melody itself. Tumblr lights in my room turned into butterflies. They were really beautiful. They were red, green, and blue.
I used to put a hullahoop next to my bed, and it turned into a circle rattan with diameter of 2 meters. It also flew in the air, about half a meter from the ground. It reminded me of a portal in some movies that could take the actors to a different world.
I had some dolls in my room: a teddy bear, 3 santas, 2 cats, a pig, a bee, and weird animal, I didn’t even know what it was. They turned into real animals. I thought the bear would kill me, but it wasn’t. It even acted like a super cute little animal, while my 3 santas turned into 3 cute dwarfs.
and my bed… it turned into a wooden seating, but more like a raft. Suddenly this place where I sat down was shaken. Clean water came from I-don’t-know-where. Yeah, then I thought the wooden seating was actually a raft.
About 3 meters from my right, I could see all my animals play there. I also saw some beautiful flowers: tulips, orchids, lavender, and some strange beautiful flowers. The air smelled like the most expensive perfume from Paris.
The most amazing thing from all those beautiful stories was the pictures. You know… I had some pictures hanging on the wall of my room. And now they turned into clouds and painted in the sky. That was perfect!
Unluckily, I could only feel those things for two or three minutes, because a creepy animal came to my raft. It was a snake with black skin. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t because I was in the middle of a river. I didn’t even know if it was a deep river. I couldn’t swim.
I took a deep breath and the snake came closer. I took a deep breath again, and the snake bit my finger.
“Aaaaaaaaa!” I opened my eyes.
Oh, I was still in my room. It was only a computer cable that made my finger electrocuted.
But anyway… about the bravery, intelligence, skills, I’ve actually had them. I am brave enough to imagine some crazy silly things. It’s my intelligence and skill that I can imagine those things. Some people can’t even imagine how it feels like being alone.

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